About Us


MIRACUM is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) under the Funding Number FKZ 01ZZ1801A

In November 2015 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has announced the “Medical Informatics Funding Scheme”, to foster IT innovations for healthcare research and medical care. The goal is to take advantage of digitalization in medicine, to link data and generate medical knowledge, and to develop and apply innovative IT solutions for a better, data-based healthcare delivery system.

Seven Consortia are currently funded for the conceptual phase (August 1st 2016 – April 30th 2017).

MIRACUM (Medical Informatics for Research and Care in University Medicine), as one of those consortia, brings together 18 institutions at 9 locations within 5 states of Germany, including university medical faculties, universities of applied sciences, university hospitals, hospitals from a private German hospital chain, and a non-academic research institution.

Those partners have agreed to share data, based on interoperable data integration centres, develop common and interoperable tools and services, realize the power of such data and tools in innovative IT solutions, which shall enhance patient-centred collaborative research as well as clinical care processes, and finally to strengthen biomedical informatics in research, teaching and continued education.

Major goals of the BMBF funding scheme have already been pointed out as challenges in a 2009 paper on “Perspectives for Medical Informatics” (Prokosch & Ganslandt 2009) by our MIRACUM coordinator.