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Alerting in Care – IT Support for Patient Recruitment

Many clinical studies fail in the very beginning due to insufficient patient recruitment numbers. To improve this process with IT solutions and available routine data, we will integrate recruiting platforms in the CIS infrastructure of the MIRACUM university hospitals. Regular evaluation and feedback loops help to increase the quality and completeness of the required data elements.

From Data to Knowledge – Clinico-molecular predictive knowledge tool

MIRACUM Data Integration Centres enable the identification and stratification of patient cohorts based on clinical parameters, biomarkers, and molecular/genomic data to develop predictive models. Such models support physicians in diagnostic and therapeutic decisions by SMART apps based on FHIR. A first focus will be on Asthma/COPD as well as brain tumour cases.

From Knowledge to Action – Support for Molecular Tumor Boards

Precision medicine enables individualized cancer therapies, as many tumors can be characterized by so-called “driver mutations” that trigger different therapeutic routes. Such complex genetic information, together with other data from the patient record and imaging, are summarized in molecular tumor boards. MIRACUM will support and optimize the process of quality assurance, data processing, and data integration and deliver innovative tools to support clinicians by efficient visualization in making right decisions.

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