MIRACUM Symposium 2018

The MIRACUM Symposium 2018 will take place  in Erlangen, Germany, at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University Hospital Erlangen. We will present the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I), the concepts and practical issues of our consortium and what we will tackle in the next four years. We welcome the members of our International Scientific Advisory Board as well as representatives of the MI-I, the MIRACUM Use Cases and Data Integration Centres,  who will contribute to the programme with presentations and discussions. And of course we welcome physicians, scientists, and potential new partners, who are interested in participating in the MIRACUM projects.

We further recommend our guests to verify the agenda of the EIT Health International Workshop on Real World Data in Healthcare which takes place in the morning and early afternoon of the 22nd of February in the same location. Participation in those presentations is free, but online registration is also required.


22. – 23. February 2018


University Hospital Erlangen
Neues Hörsaalgebäude
Ulmenweg 18
91054 Erlangen


MIRACUM Symposium 2018



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