MII Methodology Platforms


The project aims to make medical texts from patient care available for research in anonymised form. To this end, a large annotated text collection of German medical texts from the daily patient care is to be created.

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The methodology platform for “Open Medical Inference” (OMI) aims to simplify the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in order to perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks in medicine using AI methods in the future. In order to relieve clinics with regard to the maintenance, provision and operation of diverse AI models, the OMI project is establishing a network of users and providers of AI models who offer their models as “turnkey” services.


The goal is to develop a federated platform for privacy-compliant machine learning and data analytics for MII. In doing so, the analyses should come to the data and not the data to the analyses.

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Quelle: Medizininformatik-Initiative