MIRACUM Kolloquium

The aim of the “MIRACUM Kolloquium” is to present the main methods, techniques, tools, processes and frameworks used in the MIRACUM project by the respective experts. This serves the exchange of knowledge and should give all project participants the opportunity to acquire basic and in-depth knowledge on all project focal points.

Below you will find selected special lectures from the “MIRACUM Kolloquium” (in German).

2021-12-07 Der Digitale FortschrittsHub DECIDE | Dr. Torsten Panholzer

2021-11-30 Der Digitale FortschrittsHub LeMeDaRT | Prof. Dr. Thomas Ganslandt

2021-11-25 Der Digitale FortschrittsHub MiHUBx | Dr. Franziska Bathelt

2021-03-16 Audits der Medizininformatik-Initiative - Ziele, Vorgehen, Ergebnisse | Dr. Detlef Kraska