„PHD Innovation Day!“ – Acalta as an example of a successful start-up

ACALTA Mitbegründer Frederik Kaul und Dr. Nico Ploner_ PHD Innovation Day

In a contribution of the Friedrich Alexander University to the PHD Innovation Day, the start-up Acalta, which was founded in the environment of the MII/MIRACUM and whose app is used in the MII project RECUR, among others, is presented as a showcase start-up of the FAU.

Dr. Nico Ploner and Frederik Kaul, co-founders of Acalta GmbH, presented themselves with the help of a Lego model. These doctors, who were trained at FAU, have developed a platform for digitizing everyday life in clinics and doctors’ offices. Their work is based on a scientific study on the exchange of medical data. They shared some dos and don’ts they learned from their experience in the innovation process, especially from the support of the startup advisory team. “We recommend that participants take full advantage of their university’s entrepreneurship and startup support resources. Take advantage of every opportunity,” they advised.

We congratulate Acalta for this recognition of their alma mater and support the effort to provide subsequent graduates:in with advice and the opportunity to exchange ideas.


Source: Friedrich-Alexander-University Intern (article from 30.03.2023)