MIRACUM Symposium 2022

The MIRACUM Symposium 2022 will take place in Gießen at the University Hospital.

Dear members and friends of the MIRACUM-Project,

The MIRACUM Symposium 2022 will take place in Gießen at the University Hospital.
Over two days, the current status of MIRACUM will be informed about and discussed in a condensed form. This will include technical and organisational aspects of the data integration centres and it’s position in the context of medical informatics in germany.
We are also pleased to welcome guest speakers from MII consortia and junior research groups. A special focus will be on reflecting on the successes over the entire duration of the project. We invite representatives from MII partner sites to register for the symposium. In addition, we cordially invite physicians, scientists, politicians, industry representatives and potential new partners interested in participating in the MIRACUM projects.


Registration is done through the following registration form.


20 – 21 September 2022


Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
Rudolf-Buchheim-Straße 8
35390 Gießen






Site Plan


Program MIRACUM Symposium 2022

Tuesday 20, September 2022

12:00 to 13:00 Lunch break

13:00 to 13:25 Greetings and salutations:

  • Greetings – T. Acker
  • Greetings from the Hessian Minister for Science and Art (video message) – A. Dorn
  • Vice President of the Justus Liebig University Giessen – M. Kramer
  • President of the Technical University of Central Hesse – M. Willems
  • Head of the consortium MIRACUM – U. Prokosch

13:25 to 15:25 Session 1 – DIZ as a digital platform and service provider in medical research support
(Moderation: M. Sedlmayr/K. Marquardt).

  • Giessen research workflow in application. A demonstration – F. Wagenlehner
  • The DIZ as a service and consulting center for research projects – H. Storf
  • The Giessen research workflow and its tools (DIZ/DIP/ProSkive) – A. Michel-Backofen/J. Sparenberg
  • The DIZ for connecting external houses – M. Sedlmayr
  • Research projects as DIZ customers – R. Majeed
  • Research environments of national population genomics projects – T. Seeger (lifebit)

15:25 to 15:40 Coffee Break & Photo Opportunity

15:40 to 17:00 15:40 to 17:00 Session 2 – MIRACUM in the research environment of German medical informatics
(Moderation: U. Prokosch).

  • DIZ and NUM: Synergy effects – T. Herrmann
  • MII expansion and extension phase MIRACUM – C. Seidemann
  • Cooperation and synergies of the initiatives MII, NUM, KHZG and NFDI:
    Requirements for a future health data infrastructure – S.C. Semler
  • Use cases: review and outlook on module 3 – D. Zöller/T. Ganslandt

17:00 to 17:10 coffee break

17:10 to 18:05 Session 3 – From Projects to Patient Care (Moderation: K. Sohrabi).

  • Broad Consent, Data Protection, Ethics Committee and Trustee Office in Giessen – K. Marquardt
  • Tumor board “proof of concept” for translation – M. Börries
  • Regulatory requirements for medical software (MDR) – a guide – M. Scholtes

from 20:00 Evening event

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

09:00 to 09:10 Welcome address

  • Deanery Department 11 of the JLU – W. Weidner
  • UKGM – Medical Board – W. Seeger

09:10 to 10:50 Session 4 – Medical Informatics: the bridge from data to patient care (Moderation: T. Acker).

  • MII and medicine a future alliance – H. Schneider
  • Relevance of MII to pediatrics – J. de Laffolie
  • AI & Applied artificial to: Swarm Intelligence – H. Schultze
  • COVID-19 autopsy registry and autopsy network: research support in the pandemic and beyond. – P. Boor

10:50 to 12:00 Coffee Break with Poster Session

12:00 to 13:35 Session 5 – Selected Initiatives of Digitalization in Medicine Part 1 (Moderation: W. Hoffmann)

  • The Research Data Center Health at the BfArM and its tasks – S. Heß
  • Presentations by junior research groups related to MIRACUM
    • AI-RON – D. Amsel
    • CDS2USE – I.-C. Jung
    • ProModel – A. Rowald
    • EkoEestMed – G. Andrieux
  • Presentations on the Digital Progress Hubs Health
    • MIDIA Hub – U. Prokosch
    • MiHUBx – M. Sedlmayr

13:35 to 14:10 Lunch break

14:10 to 14:35 Session 5 – Selected Initiatives of Digitization in Medicine Part 2 (Moderation: W. Hoffmann).

  • Presentations on the Digital Progress Hubs Health
    • DECIDE – T. Panholzer
    • LeMeDaRT – NN

14:35 to 15:20 Session 6 – Teaching in Medical Informatics (Moderation: P. Schmücker)

  • Master program “Biomedical Informatics and Data Science” – experiences so far – T. Schmidt/ P. Schmücker
  • Award of the MIRACUM doctoral prize and the BIDS certificates – P. Schmücker
  • Poster prize – T. Acker

15:20 End of the event







Evening event

Bürgerhaus Gießen-Wieseck
Philosophenstraße 26
35396 Gießen


... by train

  • When you arrive in Gießen, you leave the station through the main entrance. Keep to the right, go up the stairs after 50m and cross the tracks.
  • Go straight ahead into Friedrichstrasse and after about 150m you will see the eye clinic on the right and a signpost for the
    University Hospital. From here, all buildings can be reached on foot in 10-15 minutes.

... by bus

  • The university hospital and the dean’s office building can be reached very easily by using the local public transport network of the RMV and the Gießener Stadtwerke. 
  • The bus stops near the hospital are marked with the green H in a yellow circle. The numbers next to the bus stops correspond to the bus routes. 
  • For departure and arrival times, please refer to the information at the bus stops or the RMV website.

... by car

  • The easiest way to get to the University Hospital and the dean’s office building is to take the “Uniklinikum” exit on the B49 and then follow the signs.
  • If you are using a navigation system, it is best to enter the following address: Gaffkystraße 9, 35392 Gießen.

You can only access the grounds of the University Hospital via the access road in Gaffkystrasse and can use the central multi-storey car park within walking distance of the main building with over 800 parking spaces.


Hotels with blocked rooms or special offers for MIRACUM symposium participants (All prizes include breakfast):

⇒ Prices and more information: MIRACUM Symposium Hotels


The MIRACUM Symposium is a scientific event certified by the State Medical Association for which physicians can receive continuing education credits The content of this event is designed to be product and service neutral. We confirm that the scientific management and the speakers will disclose potential conflicts of interest to the participants. The following companies are acting as sponsors: Company Averbis with 1,500 €, Company TriNetX with 1,000 €. The total expenses of the event amount to approximately 30,000 €.

Conference Language

The conference language is partly English (international keynotes) but mostly German.


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