MIRACUM publishes new information booklet on Data Integration Centers

With the introduction of the Data Integration Centers (DIZ) at all German university hospitals, a turning point in the field of medical data management is emerging. Before the establishment of these high-performance centers, the data of patients, which were actually available digitally, had to be extracted each time anew from local systems, laboriously merged and related to each other during clinical studies and research projects.  Today, the DIZs in university medicine perform these tasks centrally, efficiently and to a high standard of quality for all researchers at the respective location, thus greatly facilitating research and care. Last but not least, value-added services are provided to also analyze data, share it with other researchers, and archive it FAIR.
To provide a detailed insight into the DIZ, MIRACUM publishes an information brochure to show how a data integration center works, how researchers can use it and how sensitive data is protected in the best possible way by a trust center.

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