Holger Storf becomes new professor for medical informatics in Frankfurt

Portraitbild Prof. Dr. Holger Storf
©Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

On 23 March, Prof. Dr. Holger Storf took up his new professorship for medical informatics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and the University Hospital at the MIRACUM location in Frankfurt with the presentation of the certificate by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeuzem. In addition to the Data Integration Centre (DIZ) department in the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), Holger Storf has headed the Medical Informatics Group (MIG) with 45 employees since 2015, which now merges into the Institute for Medical Informatics (IMI) and is organisationally attached to both the university and the hospital. The IMI acts as a bridge between medical issues and appropriate solutions from medical informatics. Its activities focus on applied research and development projects in various areas of medical informatics. The IMI is part of the University Center for Digital Healthcare (UCDHC), along with the Medical Information Systems and Digitisation (ID) and the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT). This has the primary goal of optimally exploiting the potential of digital health technologies and using them for the best possible care of patients.

In addition to the central MIRACUM project, which is being implemented as part of the medical informatics initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and aims to make data from patient care accessible and available, a special medical field of application of the Institute is in the area of rare diseases. For example, the research projects se-atlas and OSSE, which were initiated by the Federal Ministry of Health within the framework of the National Action Plan for People with Rare Diseases (NAMSE), are being continued in close cooperation with various experts and representatives of those affected or their relatives. In addition to various patient register projects, the Institute of Medical Informatics is also involved in European projects to network and improve the treatment of patients with rare diseases and is part of the European Joint Project on Rare Diseases (EJP-RD) and the European Reference Network for Rare Respiratory Diseases (ERN Lung).



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