MIRACUM welcomes new partner from Magdeburg

In order to support the interest of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to expand the planned data integration centre networks across all German university hospitals, MIRACUM had defined a set of rules and requirements for adding a new partner to the consortium. Within the last months researchers  of the Medical Faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke-University and the University Hospital Magdeburg have shown great interest in such a future participation and have already started to contribute effectively to the MIRACUM pilot projects and thus shown that they fulfill the defined criteria. Thus, within the recent two-day MIRACUM workshop the Dean of the Medical Faculty (Prof. Dr. Rothkötter), supported by the Director of the Department for Biometrics and Medical Informatics (Prof. Dr. Bernarding), presented their status and potential contributions as a future MIRACUM partner.

As a result we have the pleasure to announce a new member in the MIRACUM consortium: the Medical Faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke-University together with the University Hospital Magdeburg.

Prof. Dr. Prokosch, the MIRACUM coordinator, and the whole MIRACUM Steering Board gave a warm welcome to Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Rothkötter, the dean of the medical faculty, and Prof. Dr. Johannes Bernarding, the director of the Institute for Biometry and Medical Informatics, who have already joined the second MIRACUM Steering Board workshop in Erlangen.