Erlangen´s tranSMART projects at the eHealth Summit 2017

For many years now Erlangen´s Chair of Medical Informatics has committed itself to the support of translational research. Since the i2b2 Toolkit has been successfully deployed in various projects for more than five years now, Erlangen´s section of medical informatics also faced the challenge of supporting the integration and -with it- the evaluation of molecular and genomic analysis data by providing clinical data. To this end the platform tranSMART, which evolved from i2b2 and was developed further by the Transmart Foundation, has been established at the medical faculty of the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. It has been refined and evaluated both for its application in medical teaching and for its usability regarding its use by basic researchers in medicine. Two of these projects have now been accepted for a presentation at the eHealth Summit 2017 in Vienna (23th/24th May 2017). The detailed results of the project will soon be published in the conference proceedings of the IOS series “Studies in Health Technologies and Informatics” as well.

  • Christoph Jan, Knell Christian, Nachberger Elisabeth, Stürzl Michael, Maier Christian, Prokosch Hans-Ulrich, Sedlmayr Martin. Two Years of tranSMART in a University Hospital for Translational Research and Education.
  • Knell Christian, Sedlmayr Martin, Christoph Jan. Developing interactive plug-ins for for tranSMART using the SmartR fram ework workwork: The case of survival analysis.