Second MIRACUM research article accepted for publication in Pharmacogenomics

The second joint project results of the MIRACUM consortium got accepted for publication in Pharmacogenomics. A project team of 11 of our MIRACUM partners has performed a survey among the clinicians of eight German university hospitals to assess the physicians’ attitude, their knowledge and their experience in pharmacogenomic clinical decision support. Overall, 564 physicians of 13 different medical specialties participated. The authors concluded that physicians in German hospitals require additional education of both genetics and pharmacogenomics. Furthermore, the physicians are mostly inexperienced in pharmacogenomic clinical decision support systems (CDSS) but need to be provided with access to relevant pharmacogenomic CDSS.

Hinderer M, Boeker M, Wagner SA, Binder H, Ückert F, Hülsemann JL, Neumaier M, Schade-Brittinger C, Acker T, Prokosch HU, Sedlmayr B. The experience of physicians in pharmacogenomic clinical decision support within eight German University Hospitals. Pharmacogenomics 2017.