MIRACUM receives a funding of €32.1 Mio for the German Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I)

Today the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has announced that the MIRACUM consortium will receive a funding of €32.1 Mio for its concept of establishing data integration centres (DIC) by implementing use cases to apply data from the respective DIC in research and care and for its concept of strengthening medical informatics in Germany.
Four out of the seven consortia, which have started  into the MI-I conceptual phase in 2016, have now been selected for the MI-I development and networking phase by an international jury of experts in the fields of medicine and medical informatics. The funding period of four years will start in January 2018.

MIRACUM – this is eight universities with eight university hospitals, two universities of applied sciences and one industrial partner spread over five German states. A major focus is on the establishment of data integration centres to link and exchange data of the eight university hospitals. Data protection and data security are given top priority in this venture.
Johanna Wanka, Minister of Education and Research, envisions that „every physician, no matter whether he/she is working in a hospital or as a general practitioner or as a medical specialist, can retrieve all the experience and research results available at the touc h of a button, to include this information into his/hertherapeutic decision. By doing so, the therapy and the counselling of patients will still get better in the future“.

First results have already illustrated the opportunities which arise from the federated analysis of data within the eight MIRACUM DIC. A cohort of stroke patients has been identified and the adherence of clinicians to the recently modified stroke guidelines has been analyzed. In a second small project and together with the HD4CR consortium, real-world clinical pathways have been analyzed for more than 18.000 colorectal cancer patients of eleven maximum care hospitals.

BMBF press report:  https://www.bmbf.de/de/bessere-therapien-dank-medizininformatik-4473.html
BMBF MI-I:  https://www.bmbf.de/de/medizininformatik-3342.html