MIRACUM Summer School outreaches expectations

Medical Informatics meets werewolves– this fantastic mixture was possible at the first MIRACUM Summer School, that we organised from July 29th to August 3rd 2018 in the Alsace. Of course we concentrated in the first place on topics such as IT communication in hospitals, integrating healthcare networks, biobank networks, consent management, data protection, metadata repositories, and the medical device regulation. The lecturers were recruited from the MIRACUM partners (Thomas Ganslandt, Dennis Kadioglu, Keywan Sohrabi, and Ulli Prokosch) with our special guest and lecturer Prof. James Cimino, Director of Informatics Institute of the University of Alabama in Birmingham (USA).
Besides the learning matter, the week in the charming Villa Le Riesack (Northern Alsace) was a fantastic team building event, stimulating the networking amongst the group of fifteen young biomedical Ph.D. students from 8 MIRACUM locations and two participants from Berlin (Charité and Berlin Institute of Health). This team spirit was noticeable in cooking and eating together – and playing parlour plays like “werewolves” in the end of the day.