MIRACUM representatives at the 6th European i2b2/tranSMART meeting in Geneva

Several members of the MIRACUM team have participated at the 6th European i2b2/tranSMART meeting in Geneva. Thomas Ganslandt (Mannheim) presented a keynote about the current status of the Medical Informatics Initiative Demonstrator Study Study and Jan Christoph illustrated in his presentations the value, utility and usability of the tranSMART platform for researchers and medical students. The MIRACUM team members participating at this international meeting further followed a large variety of speeches about i2b2 and tranSMART updates as well as two interesting overview presentations into the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and the Personalized Health and Related Technologies – ETH Domain Strategic Focus Area (PHRT). Especially the exchange with SPHN representatives illustrated similarities between the MI-I funding concept, the MIRACUM  approach and the interoperability work pursued within SPHN, which might offer potential for future cooperation.