Successful participation of MIRACUM at DMEA 2019

Representatives of the MIRACUM project actively participated in the DMEA 2019, the largest and most diversified IT industry meeting for the health sector in Europe, and presented the MIRACUM project there. They showed how at all MIRACUM university locations data from different application systems of health care and research are brought together in data integration centres in order to evaluate them with the help of innovative IT solutions for research purposes and therapy decisions and to use them in health care across locations. The data integration centres are the basis for the processing of special medical use cases: IT support for patient recruitment as part of clinical studies, prediction models, support for molecular tumour boards, rare diseases and the national register for recurrent upper urinary tract stone diseases (RECUR). During the DMEA, extensive results were presented on data integration, data harmonization, integration of omics data, building a basic data set, semantic data development and medical data sharing, and ways to a learning healthcare system.
A technical feature of the MIRACUM project is the primary use of open source solutions to build data integration centers and support use cases.

On 8th of April 2019 the DMEA (formerly conhIT) satellite event took place in Berlin. During the workshop „Can complex Information Systems in Healthcare be developed and operated on the basis of open source solutions?“ Prof. Dr. Martin Sedlmayr (Dresden) presented  MIRACOLIX-the Open Source Ecosystem of MIRACUM in the Medical Informatics Initiative, Dr. Tim Herman (Magdeburg) presented the open source solutions XNAT and ProxMox and Dr. Wolfgang Maier (Freiburg) presented the GALAXY platform for bioinformatics applications. This led to interesting discussions on the opportunities and risks of open source solutions in the healthcare sector. Please see presentations here.