Lights, Camera, Action!

Extraordinary working days were scheduled at the Erlangen site of the MIRACUM consortium in October 2020. Within 3 days, the shooting for the MII Image Film was finished. For MIRACUM, the Use Case 2 was selected by the BMBF to present our consortium.

This use case deals with the development and establishment of methods for the cross-location analysis of patient data using asthma and COPD as examples. Accordingly, the script emphasized these lung diseases and the potential of distributed data analysis to improve therapy strategies. In this context, Prof. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch (Erlangen) and Prof. Harald Renz (Marburg) name the problems of treatment and the extent to which artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used. Specific developed algorithms can contribute to the progress of precision medicine on the basis of previously collected data.

Besides MIRACUM, filming with the HiGHmed consortium has also been completed. Next year, the remaining scenes will be shot in Munich (DIFURTURE) and Leipzig (SMITH). The completion of the production of the film can be eagerly anticipated in the second half of 2021.