Let us introduce: MIRACUM’s „Digitale FortschrittsHubs Gesundheit“

In the past few years, the medical informatics initiative has achieved important pioneering results on the digitization of healthcare. Successes to date have yet been limited to university medicine environments and university medicine data sharing processes.

This is now set to change. In a next step, the focus will also be on all other areas of the healthcare system: from outpatient care in the general practitioner’s office to inpatient stays in the local hospital and care in nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

To achieve this goal, the „Digitale FortschrittsHubs Gesundheit“ were launched. These hubs are to elaborate and pilot initial solution concepts. Six projects were able to convince with their proposals and will be funded by the BMBF with 50 million Euros until 2025. Among them are four hubs coordinated by MIRACUM sites.

DECIDE | Mainz
The central goal of the “Digitale Fortschrittshub” DECIDE (Decentralized digital Environment for Consultation, data Integration, Decision making and patient Empowerment) is to connect rural regions better to health care and thus reduce the gap in the quality of care between urban and rural areas. In three use cases – oncology (lung and colorectal cancer), psychiatry (depression) and sports medicine – DECIDE aims to support healthcare providers and patients with a variety of IT solutions (telemedicine, apps, etc.).

LeMeDaRT | Mannheim
The “Digitale Fortschritthub” LeMeDaRT (Lean medical data: the right data at the right time) shows how digitalization in medicine can improve care even in remote rural regions. A particular focus is on apps and wearables whose active use, e.g. through intelligent self-documentation, can have a positive impact on the prevention or healing process. The implementation will be investigated on the basis of three use cases: preparation and postoperative monitoring of cancer patients, infection monitoring, and prevention and early intervention in liver diseases.

MIDIA-Hub | Erlangen
Creating a holistic overview of a patient’s medical history – This is the premise of the “Digitale Fortschrittshub” MIDIA-Hub (MIRACUM DIFUTURE Alignment Hub). The key role is to be played by a physician portal that will connect regional providers and support data sharing. In addition, a patient portal will also be established to enable patients to share their own data with their treating physicians. Further, the patient portal shall also empower the patients to directly manage their particular consents to the usage of their data within research projects. This concept is being piloted in the areas of breast and prostate cancer as well as multiple sclerosis.

MiHUBx | Dresden
Stronger networking of the actors in the healthcare sector is also a concern of the “Digitale Fortschrittshub” MiHUBx (Medical Informatics Hub in Saxony). The goal is to provide a virtual ecosystem that breaks down technical barriers and regulations and thus facilitates communication between service providers. MiHUBx will initially focus on the areas of „Diabetic Eye Disease“, „Pandemic Management“ and „Personalized Cancer Care“, which are intended to benefit from a more flexible infrastructure.

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