Use Case 1 – What happened so far…

Use Case 1 „Alerting in Care – IT-supported recruitment platforms“ aims to expand the MIRACUM DIC to include site-related study registers and other infrastructure components that enable the automated identification of potential study patients and present appropriate recruitment proposals to study center staff and clinicians.
In the last three years, great progress has been made in realizing this endeavor. This has already been presented to the scientific community in 8 international publications. MIRACUM would now like to take the opportunity to present the findings, experience, and reports from the past years in a compact form – the Use Case 1 booklet.

This booklet provides exciting insights into the motivation for this use case, presents the developed study register, looks at the implementation of the IT structure behind it, and gives a perspective on the next challenges.
We are very proud and pleased that Use Case 1 has progressed this far and thank the entire team for their efforts.