Reflection on the third MIRACUM Summer School

The third MIRACUM Summer School with the topic „Visible benefits of the MIRACUM project for patient care, scientific research, academic teaching and patients“ took place at the Edersee from October 11-15, 2021.

Seven experts from the MIRACUM consortium gave the 20 participants an understanding of medical device regulation, usability, FHIR, and IT support in the COVID-19 pandemic (CODEX) with lectures, practical exercises ,and in group work. Furthermore, the goals, concepts and previous realizations of the MIRACUM project were presented and the added value of the project after four project years was jointly worked out.

In addition to the professional training, two social events also took place. A hike through the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park and along the Edersee as well as a visit to Waldeck Castle and the Edersee dam offered sufficient time to get to know each other and for team building.

The participants gained a lot of knowledge in the field of biomedical informatics and medical data science. In addition to getting to know each other, the participants grew together closely, which will certainly have a lasting effect on the cooperation in the MIRACUM team and in the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII). At the same time, the MIRACUM Summer School was a long-awaited face-to-face event after the previous COVID-19 period.