The medical informatics consortia MIRACUM and SMITH cooperate: Trusted Third Party Greifswald supplies software and officially supports SMITH sites in using gICS® and gPAS®

Networking and harmonisation of infrastructures in collaborative medical research is taking place in a very practical way. The consortium leaders Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler (SMITH) and Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch (MIRACUM), as well as representatives of the Trusted Third Party of the University Medicine Greifswald (THS Greifswald), have confirmed their will to work together on data protection issues in an Letter of Intent. The MIRACUM site in Greifswald will provide software tools as work results for SMITH for subsequent use and support SMITH in their practical use.
In the context of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII), the preservation of data protection and the associated topics such as record linkage, pseudonymization and consent management are of central importance. The SMITH consortium provides for corresponding components in its reference architecture of a data integration center.
In the MII, the THS Greifswald, as a MIRACUM partner, already provides various tools for setting up Trusted Third Party solutions as building blocks of the MIRACOLIX toolbox.
The software tools gPAS® and gICS® fit well with the reference architecture in SMITH and fulfil the technical requirements of the consortium. The tools gPAS® and gICS® will therefore be used for the pseudonymization and consent management components of the reference architecture of the SMITH data integration centers. Within the framework of the THS community dialogue organized by the Greifswald partner, there is a joint exchange on the software tools with the aim of promoting the broad use of these tools in the MII and other projects, e.g. NUM.